Golden Heritage is one of the most respected luxury homebuilders in the Southwest. Having built in excess of 7,000 new homes over the past half century, we have been perfecting the craft of homebuilding and the art of neighborhood planning. It is an ongoing process, a changing dynamic just like the lives of the people who live in our homes. It is central to our philosophy that we build in tune to the changing energy of people’s spirit, that we create homes which enhance their lives. You can see this philosophy in action throughout our lineage, in the people still happy today in the homes and neighborhoods we crafted for them a decade or two or more ago. It goes beyond the materials and finishes. Beyond the technology. It goes to our old fashioned belief that a workman must always be worthy of his employ. We realize this is a little different perspective on a homebuilder’s place in the world, and the responsibility we have to our customers. But having a different vision is what we created and sustains the Golden Heritage reputation.



16816 E Parkview Avenue
Fountain Hills, AZ 85268
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